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The drug was created by the largest American (USA) companies Ely Lilly and Icos and Cialis called. In early 2003 he began to actively sell in many pharmacies in Europe. I wonder how the agent acts on the human body as Viagra, but its effect lasts several times longer.

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Cialis is not recommended for persons who have hypersensitivity or intolerance of separate components included in the product;
This drug contraindicated persons who have not reached 18 age;
Men who suffer from various heart diseases are also not advised to take "Cialis";
To refrain from taking this drug and I advise those men who are diagnosed with liver problems;
Cialis is not recommended to use more than two times a week.

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New drugs have been tested in several European countries, Australia and New Zealand. However, the first buyers of a magic pill to become residents of the UK, Denmark and Sweden. For several months Cialis 40mg gained the trust of the other continents of the globe.

The Advantages Of Cialis

There are several reasons in order to stop the choice on this "drug". First, with the regular pill male erection possible up to 36 hours. However, this occurs only with sexual arousal and foreplay. Now you can not plan their sexual relationships. Even if you took the medication in the morning, its effect will last until the evening.

Cialis is a drug that is aimed at improving and enhancing erectile function in men. The main active ingredient, which achieved the desired effect, is "Tadalafil".

Today generic Cialis is the only drug that increases the potency of the stronger sex for 36 hours. Contraindication to any medication is a complex combination with nitrates, which are used in the therapeutic treatment of the heart. Stimulating Cialis will help men not only regain a normal erection, but also give the opportunity to plan a time for love.

According to statistics, more than 150 million men have problems with libido. Experts say that pills Cialis will help to solve all the intimate troubles of males, after which they will be able to establish their sexual life. Certainly the emergence of this highly effective tool will make many people proceed with the treatment.

There were cases when the drug tadalafil, one of the components of Cialis, have helped to solve not only problems with impotence, but also positively affect cancer patients. Clinical results showed that cancer patients with removed prostate gland, felt improvement.

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